NEWS | November 7, 2019


It’s impossible to have missed the hype around Singles’ Day this year. But ya may still be wondering what this holiday is ‘n where it came from. Look no further – we’ve got the full lowdown for ya here at JD Sports IE!

Singles’ Day is every year on the 11th November (11/11 … get it? 😂) and it’s the singleton’s answer to Valentine’s Day. A celebration of bein’ single ‘n proud!  

Shops like JD Sports celebrate Singles’ Day by offerin’ discounts to our single shoppers (well, every shopper, we don’t discriminate!) and Singles Day is now the BIGGEST shopping day in the world, both offline and online! Yep, even bigger than Black Friday ‘n St. Stephen’s Day. 

Sound good? Wondering why ya haven’t heard of it before?! Don’t sweat, you’re not way behind the times – Singles’ Day started in China ‘n it’s only recently become a thing over here.

The legend goes that back in ‘93, four single students sharin’ dorm at Nanjing University were bored and decided to make 11/11 – or Double 11 as its now often called in China – a day of fun activities ‘n events to celebrate their single life. Soon, the whole college was taking part, and now, just 26 years later, so is the whole of Ireland, and the whole world!

Ready to get involved? We got you… this year at JD we’ll be celebratin’ Double 11, so watch this space. So get those wish lists updated ‘n get ready to shop – you don’t wana miss this! In the meantime, why not check out our latest drops? Head to our site for some Singles’ Day inspo!

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