NEWS | April 7, 2020

The TV Series You Need to Re-watch on Netflix

Now some of us have all the time in the world, why not spend it re-watching from start to finish those TV shows you absolutely loved the first time round? Here’s our list of the top shows you need to re-watch on Netflix right now! Also check out our loungewear collection for the ultimate binge-watching clothes.

1. Friends

We probably all watch friends on a daily/weekly basis but when was the last time you watched it from start to finish? Never a more perfect time to start and it’ll be like having your friends in the house with you (almost).

2. Gavin & Stacey

Gavin + Stacey + Nessa + Smithy + Uncle Brynn + Pam + Mick + Gwen all in Barry Island and Billericay. What else can you ask from a show, and with a brilliant 10 year come back!

3. Absolutely Fabulous

A 90s classic that never goes out of date. Edina and Patsy = absolute icons. All I need to say.

4. Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch really brings the role into his own and is part of what makes this Sherlock a worldwide phenomenon.

5. The Office

For those WFH, at least you can be glad you’re not missing out on the day-to-day lives of this office.

6. The Big Bang Theory

This can be a love/hate show. But it’s another great one to watch a bunch of friends gathered together, hanging out at someone’s place, not jealous at all…

7. Suits

Meghan Markle wasn’t always just known as Prince Harry’s wife, she first became famous as Rachel Zane in Suits. So this is one to go back and watch to see her acting come to life in the law based US drama.

8. Orange is the New Black

One of the best and original Netflix series, OITNB offers us an insight into an all women prison. Rewatch this one to remind yourself why it is such a cult TV show.

9. Glee

This was THE show in high school and we all wished our school had our own Glee Club so we could perform Don’t Stop Believing to Mr Schuh. Be aware you may cringe a little bit watching it the second time round.

10. Peep Show

This British TV classic is one to watch from start to finish, especially to see how friends Mark and Jeremy evolve from their younger selves in the noughties.

11. The Vampire Diaries

We were never short of plot twists with Vampire Diaries, following Elena and her life once she met Stefan and Damon. Another great one to catch up on since it started 10 years ago!

12. Breaking Bad

This final series is one of the best! Raking in 10.3 million viewers for its final episode, we all know why this neo-Western Crime Drama following Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is such a worldwide phenomenon. It is also the highest rated fictional TV show on IMDb, so go on, remind yourself on just how great it is.

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