NEWS | January 10, 2020

10 Workout Tips for the Gym this January

New year, new me. I’m sure we’ve all made this resolution before, easier said than done right? Whether you find it tougher to get started or keep it at it, I’m going to give you some tips that will hopefully make hitting the gym a fun experience that will keep you coming back for more/not make you want to quit after a week!

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2. Don’t be intimidated:  The number one misconception that people looking to get their fitness back on track after Christmas have is that the gym is this big scary place and that all the long-time members will hate to see new people crowding up “their” gym. Just remember every single person in there, once walked in for the first time. So don’t be afraid, they’re probably far too engrossed in what they’re doing to care anyway.

3. Ask for advice: Whether it’s from a PT, a friend or a family member it’s invaluable to gain knowledge from someone who regularly goes to the gym. So book in a PT session or if you know someone who never shuts up about the gym, make use of them being annoying and tag along with them. This will also help to motivate you as you’ll have somebody to hold you accountable. Even at a push ask someone at your local gym, you know how you like when someone asks you a question about something you’re really interested in and knowledgeable about? Same thing applies!

4. Don’t get cocky! A big mistake that lots of first time or returning gym goers do is going for a weight that they’re simply not capable of lifting in order to save face. If you do this with bench press, squat or deadlift, you’re going to compromise your form which will mean you’re not getting the full benefit from the lift and you’re risking injuring yourself. So start at a low weight and work your way up!

5. Tidy up: Unless you have the luxury of having your own gym, you’re probably going to be sharing the gym with lots of other members. Show them respect by always putting away equipment you’ve used, unracking weights and always have a towel on hand to wipe down machines you’ve used.

6. Stay Hydrated: Studies have shown that dehydration can severely impact your ability to exercise at your optimal level. This can lead to dizziness, fatigue and you’ll be more likely to suffer from cramp. So always have a water bottle on hand.

7. Share Equipment: You might hear the phrase “Might if I work in with you there?” at some point. As there is only a finite amount of equipment at the gym it makes sense to share, so let them work in with you while you’re resting.

8. Rest: A common mistake people heading to gym for a new year’s resolution make is trying to do too much too soon. It’s great that you’ve made this positive lifestyle change but remember you need let your body rest to see results, designate at least a couple of days of rest a week to allow yourself to work at your optimal level in each session. You’ll allow your body the recovery time it needs and you’ll not suffer from burnout.

9. Nutrition: Unfortunately to get the most out of your workout you’re probably going to have to cut back on unhealthy foods. This doesn’t mean starving yourself or eating bland tasteless food, remember your body needs food to fuel your workout. It’s more about making smarter choices and knowing when to treat yourself.

10. Enjoy yourself: Remember this shouldn’t be something you hate doing, make fitness work for you and not the other way around. Find a varied routine that fits around your schedule and stick to it.

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