STYLE | June 1, 2020

Top Tips for Shooting Runner Pics

Sneakerhead or not, we all have at least one runner pic on our Instagram feed which is not that great. These pictures are called a ‘shoefie’, a modern day version of a selfie but the focus is the runners.

Many times, due to the angle, lighting or camera, the result is not what’s expected. Here we will give you some top tips to get the perfect picture. Are you up for finding out more? Let’s start!

1. Context

Putting focus on the context is very important. We need to pay attention to every detail. Often, we don’t think much about the background, but we need to take into account its details. There’s a big difference between a shot of a pair of dirty and messy runners in the middle of a chaotic city and one of a pair of clean, fresh runners on a nice floor or cozy carpet.

foto artística de zapatillas vapormax de nike rosa y blanco

If you do not have a nice floor or carpet you can always use colour or white blankets as background or put your legs up and use the wall as the background. You can also bend the blanket to put in some movement. There are multiple ways of creating a good background, the only thing you need is your creativity!

2. Light

Best option is natural light. You can place the runners next to a window and extend the light with the help of a white sheet of paper. However, remember too much brightness or too direct white light will result in shadows on the runners which will avoid them to stand out.

3. Poses

If you’re not an expert in photography and perspective, the best thing will be to stick to simple standard poses which will definitely help you get some great shots.

#ViewFromBelow raise your feet and shoot from below pointing to the top.

#FromWhereISit sit on the floor and lift you phone above your shoulders to take the picture.

#FromWhereIStand shoot from above looking to the floor so that the outfit, part of the floor and of course your runners are in the picture.  

#FromTheMirror get yourself in front of a mirror and take a picture. Pay attention to the light reflection!

#FromTheGround put your phone on the floor, set the timer and ready.

It’s very important that your runners and any other element you want to stand out are well focused, so they are not blurred.

We have shared some of our favourite and easiest tips to put in practice. You will very quickly catch on and your runners pics will be amazing! You can follow us on Instagram @jdsportsie for more original ideas, check our best pics and be up to date with the new trends which you’ll find right here

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